Sens. Cruz and Welch Introduce Bipartisan Law Targeting Tranq

Sens. Cruz and Welch Introduce Bipartisan Law Targeting Tranq

Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith
April 28, 2023

Texas Senator Ted Cruz (R) and Vermont Senator Peter Welch (D) have joined forces to introduce a new bipartisan law targeting the increasing usage of the lethal drug Tranq, an animal tranquilizer.

The bill is called The Testing, Rapid Analysis, and Narcotic Quality (TRANQ) Research Act. The bipartisan legislation seeks to “enhance understanding” of the drug via the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

In a statement, the Texas lawmaker stated his desire to stop the influx of illegal drugs into America.

“The scourge of the drug epidemic continues to ravage communities in Texas and across the country. To protect our citizens, we must work swiftly to prevent deadly new drugs like tranq and the truly horrifying side effects that come with it from taking hold,” stated Sen. Cruz.

The Senator made sure to highlight the bipartisan efforts behind the new bill.

“I am proud to work on a bipartisan basis with Senator Welch to improve our knowledge of these devastating drugs so we can aid those on the frontline of this battle.”

Sen. Welch was adamant about the need to act quickly regarding the drug crisis in America.

“The rise in use of Tranq and other synthetic drugs has had a devastating impact on communities in Vermont and across the U.S. We need to address this crisis now, but we can’t do that without better information,” said the Vermont congressman.

Similar to Sen. Cruz, Sen. Welch shared his approval for bipartisanship.

I’m proud to join Sen. Cruz on this bipartisan bill to enhance our understanding of Tranq and other street drugs. With better information, we can get resources directly to those working on the frontlines and combat the rise of these dangerous new drugs.”

The two senators were not the only ones who approved of the bill. Texas Municipal Police shared their own statement about the seriousness of the deadly drug.

“The drug epidemic is not just a Texas problem – it’s a national problem. As new drugs find their way onto the street, law enforcement must have the tools at their disposal to address the latest crisis,” stated the Texas Municipal Police.

The department continued to state the need to protect Texans.

“Senator Ted Cruz’s TRANQ Act would provide us with the resources we need to combat the distribution of Tranq, and save the lives of vulnerable Texans.”

Recently, Cruz introduced another bipartisan bill aiming to honor Cuban dissident Oswald Payá by naming the street in front of the Cuban embassy after him.

“The reason for that is there is power to shining a light and speaking truth. And, on some level, you may say ‘Well, a street sign’s not that consequential.’ Except for the fact that if you want to write something to the embassy, you have to write his name.” stated the Texas congressman.

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Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith

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