Rep. Escobar Explains Biden-Harris Administration Request for Funding

Rep. Escobar Explains Biden-Harris Administration Request for Funding

Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith
August 10, 2023

Texas Representative Veronica Escobar (D) recently explained the Biden-Harris administration’s request for more funding to support Ukraine and the U.S.-Mexico Southern border.

According to the White House’s statement, much of the funding for Ukraine has been exhausted. Rep. Escobar highlighted this fact, while also detailing the need for more support at the border.

“In addition to funding for Ukraine, the supplemental aid request from the @WhiteHouse includes $4.5 billion for much-needed support at our southern border. While Republicans parachute into the border with their bullet-proof vests, @POTUS is working on real solutions”

Much of the requested funding will go towards countering drug trafficking as well as bolstering border security.

“The funding request includes $2.7 billion for @DHSgov:

-$2.2 billion for border and tech management

-$416 million to combat fentanyl

-$600 million for the Shelter Services Program”

One way to stop the confusion at the border is to try to prevent things before they occur.

“Additionally, there's $800 million for @StateDept to address root causes and provide processing centers, as well as improve coordination in host countries across the Americas. There's also $59 million for terribly underfunded immigration courts,” said Rep. Escobar.

The Texas congresswoman expressed support for President Joe Biden’s (D) work, as well as emphasizing the importance of Congress in the passing of laws.

“.@POTUS is continuing to step up, and his administration has done more for border communities than any prior administration. Yet he is limited to the confines of the Executive Branch; only Congress can pass laws to fix a broken immigration system.”

The Texas lawmaker reminded voters of the previous bills that she introduced. Moreover, Escobar stated that she would be introducing new bills.

“It’s time for Congress to work in a bipartisan manner on this. My colleague @RepMariaSalazar and I introduced the Dignity Act, a comprehensive immigration reform bill. I'll also be re-introducing the Homeland Security Improvement Act.”

The Texas representative called for quick and decisive action from her colleagues.

“We need this immediate short-term funding but it’s long past time Congress does its job and legislates. I call on all my colleagues to be serious and come to the table with compromises or solutions for the good of our country and the American people.”

In other news, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) is allowing the Biden administration to regulate firearms known as “ghost guns.”

Texas State Senator Roland Gutierrez (D) commended the ruling, stating "Great news coming out of the Supreme Court. When I get to the Senate, I will support regulations over untraceable ghost guns. Regulating these firearms is just one way we can protect Americans from gun violence.”

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Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith

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