Gutierrez Criticizes Abbott Admin's Handling of the U.S.-Mexico Border

Gutierrez Criticizes Abbott Admin's Handling of the U.S.-Mexico Border

Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith
August 24, 2023

State Senator Roland Gutierrez (D) recently gave a speech criticizing the Abbott administration and its handling of the U.S.-Mexico border.

“Greg Abbott is lying to the people of Texas and this apple dumpling gang of governors that he brought to you yesterday, they’re not serious people,” said Sen. Gutierrez.

The state senator is currently campaigning against Texas Senator Ted Cruz (R) for the office of Senator. His recent statements characterized the governor’s actions as being for show and not for the benefit of Texans.

“They’re not serious people because they have no idea what’s truly happening here in Texas. Operation Lone Star has led to nothing but stunt after stunt from a reckless and feeble-minded governor.”

The tactics employed at the U.S.-Mexico border in Operation Lone Star have been heavily criticized for being dangerous and deadly.

“They would rather torture people than to have an immigration solution. We spent billions of dollars of taxpayer money on failed stunts. It started with stopping trucks along the border in search of fentanyl and migrants and found zero fentanyl and found zero migrants. But it did cost the Texas economy $9 billion.”

Multiple migrants have faced drowning and death at the border and the buoys placed at Eagle Pass have brought more controversy to the administration.

“This man we call a governor is inhumane. And he’s hurting women and children, let’s be really clear about what the facts are. So as these governors continue to come down to Texas and want to look tough and act tough like Greg Abbott, they need to understand that what their actions are doing are drowning women and children in the deep water. Nothing more. That is not an immigration solution,” concluded Gutierrez.

In other news, in the much-discussed Georgia case, the bond for former president Donald Trump (R) has been set at $200,000.

Trump was recently indicted for the fourth time for his efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election.

The specific charges District Attorney Fani Willis charged the former president and 18 allies with include racketeering. They face several allegations such as attempting to alter voting machines.

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Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith is a writer and recent graduate, majoring in English.

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