Jackson Lee Shares Support of Biden-Harris Administration Summer Feeding Program

Jackson Lee Shares Support of Biden-Harris Administration Summer Feeding Program

Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith
January 23, 2024

In a statement on social media, Texas Representative Sheila Jackson Lee (D) shared her support for the Biden-Harris administration’s Summer Feeding Program. 

“The Biden-Harris administration’s kid summer feeding program will help millions of children get the meals they need when school is not in session. A bipartisan coalition of 35 states across America have opted into the program — I am asking the state of Texas to be one of them,” said Rep. Jackson Lee.

The Texas congresswoman began her speech by thanking President Joe Biden (D) and Vice President Kamala Harris (D). According to Jackson Lee, the program will supply children with three meals during a season in which those meals may be hard to obtain for the children.

“I rise to thank President Joseph Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. Working with those of us who have a deep abiding concern for our children, I chair the Congressional Children’s Caucus. I’m delighted that we were able to provide for the [Summer Youth Feeding Program] that would provide breakfast, lunch and dinner for our children in the summer when they are not on that program that is held during the school year,” continued Jackson Lee.

“This is a vital program, and it is a program that simply provides, or has the opportunity for our state to have a match, and the federal government then matches and provides hungry children a lifeline.”

Jackson Lee appealed to Texas lawmakers to approve the program that could affect thousands if not millions.

“So, I’m asking publicly for the state of Texas to accept the Summer Feeding Program to be one of 35 states that have already accepted this program to participate, so that the three million children in the state of Texas, and the nearly 100,000 in my congressional district, and possibly 1,000,000 in the region that I represent, will have the ability to have the ability to eat.”

“Don’t you want our children of Texas to eat? Let us participate in the Summer Feeding Program. Let’s do it, now,” concluded Jackson Lee.

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Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith

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