Cruz Shares “Bipartisan” Legislation Honoring Oswaldo Payá

Cruz Shares “Bipartisan” Legislation Honoring Oswaldo Payá

Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith
April 26, 2023

Texas Senator Ted Cruz (R) recently took to Twitter to share his newly-proposed “bipartisan” legislation to honor Cuban dissident, Oswaldo Payá.

“Dissidents terrify dictators. Oswaldo Payá stood up to the Castro regime and paid the price with his life,” tweeted Sen. Cruz.

“I am proud to introduce legislation to change the street name in front of the Cuban Embassy to Oswaldo Payá Way – this will force the communists to say his name.”

Sen. Cruz stated his belief that highlighting examples of political objectors has value.

“So, I think there’s enormous power to shining a light on dissidents,” said the Texas senator.

The Texan lawmaker gave his analysis of the mentality of dictatorships.

Cruz stated, “Tyrannies like to pretend they’re really strong. They like to pretend that nothing can shake them. But dissidents terrify them.”

Continuing his discussion on the “dissident”, Cruz touted Payá’s “courage” despite facing danger.

“Oswaldo Payá had incredible courage. He stood up to the communist tyranny in Cuba. He stood up, he risked his life, and tragically he didn’t just risk his life, he lost his life when the Castro regime murdered Payá, [they] drove his car off the road and murdered him,” said Cruz.

Cruz mentioned how he spoke with Payá’s daughter about the importance of her father.

“And his legacy lives on, I’ve sat here on that couch with Payá’s daughter and talked with her and said ‘Look, your father’s heroism spoke to millions of Cubans and terrified the regime.’”

The Republican senator explained his intentions to give a new title to the street on which the Cuban Embassy sits.

“I’ve introduced legislation—it’s bipartisan legislation—Bob Menéndez and I together have introduced it in the Senate. Mario Díaz-Balart has introduced it in the House. And it is to rename the street in front of the Cuban Embassy ‘Oswaldo Payá Way,” said Cruz.

Cruz stressed the importance and significance of retitling the street.

“The reason for that is there is power to shining a light and speaking truth. And, on some level, you may say ‘Well, a street sign’s not that consequential.’ Except for the fact that if you want to write something to the embassy, you have to write his name.” stated the Texas congressman.

Cruz drew comparisons between his desire to rename the street after Payá and former President Ronald Reagan’s similar actions of naming the street on which the Soviet embassy sits after Soviet dissident, Andrei Sahkarov. 

“Reagan in 1984, when he was president, he renamed the street in front of the Soviet embassy Sakharov Plaza after the famed Soviet dissident Sakharov.”

The Texas senator concluded his statements by expressing his desire to commemorate the late Payá.

“It was the same idea that there is power to saying his name. And when we pass this into law, we’re gonna force [communists] to say Oswaldo Payá’s name.”

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Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith

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