Casar Blasts Abbott for Trying to 'Distract' Americans

Casar Blasts Abbott for Trying to 'Distract' Americans

Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith
February 5, 2024

Texas Representative Greg Casar (D) blasted Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) for using the border to “distract” Americans from politicians’ negligence of duties.

“Billionaires & politicians like Greg Abbott want to distract Texans from their efforts to hoard wealth, increase housing costs, & keep wages low. They want us to blame immigrants — so they’ve chosen chaos & dysfunction. We can & must make migration more orderly, safe, & humane,” tweeted Rep. Casar.

The Texas congressman questioned the governor’s motives for his various controversial political stunts.

“Why on earth would Governor Abbot be doing this — defying a U.S. Supreme Court order? Putting national guardsmen and Border Patrol agents at odds and potentially in danger? Endangering the lives of asylum seekers? Calling right-wing militants from all across the country with long guns down to a park that they take over without telling city authorities? I mean, why would you do that?” said Casar.

The representative continued, “And to me, the answer is that he is playing out of one of the oldest tricks in the book, which is that billionaires and big corporations and the politicians that they buy off like Governor Abbott, want to continue doing whatever it is that they want to do. And to distract you from being mad at them, they want to point the finger at immigrants. They want to point the finger at poor and struggling people. They want to create chaos, to distract us and to divide us.”

Casar stated that the GOP was trying to make a spectacle of the border in order to politically profit from the issue.

“And that’s a big part of why it is that they don’t actually want solutions for our immigration challenges. They don’t want to make it easier for people to migrate here. They don’t want to make it more orderly. They don’t want the legal process to look better. They want it to look as bad and chaotic as possible for the TV cameras. That way they can get away with underfunding our public schools. That way they can get away with the fact that we have more uninsured people in the state than anywhere else. That way they can get away with suppressing worker wages while they jack up the rent for everyday people,” said the Texas native.

“They want to get away with that stuff, while dividing us. And that’s why they pick on immigrants and on the poor,” concluded Casar.

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Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith is a writer and recent graduate, majoring in English.

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